Log Update. I can’t figure Miranda out. As Project Director, she should be ecstatic over all the progress we made, but she is still the same old ice queen… Maybe she is worried that Shepard will become the new favourite… Or maybe she is just a pure cold-hearted bitch.


Wilson, I really don’t think doing a log update in an accessible hallway and calling your director a “cold hearted bitch” out loud in said hallway is a wise decision. It is actually amazing you made it as far as you did.


Yeah, as you can see here, Wilson is the first character to talk about how cold Miranda is and what a bitch she is despite of your first look at her.

I’ll prevent rambling about that point until we go through the whole introduction and tutorial stage. Because it is essential we see the whole presentation of Miranda initially.

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  2. eleneripenneth said: Wilson was someone whose screen demise was definitely not upsetting. Because he’s a real turkey. *nods*
  3. jicklet said: Interesting how so many people agree with this guy who got jealous and power-hungry and tried to kill you :|
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